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Ever since he was introduced to Dota 2, Rubick has been one of the most picked heroes out there and it's for a reason. As long as the player who picks this hero knows how to utilize him properly, dealing with Rubick can be a nightmare. He is a decent laning support because he can do a lot of right-click damage and has a pretty strong nuke But everybody will agree that a support role is the most important role in dota2. The support hero is the one who lets the carry farm, buys courier and wards and plants them in appropriate positions on the map. They are the ones who support the team to the maximum, and they are the ones who are underappreciated in the whole world of dota2 Support heroes in DotA 2 can be quite satisfying to pull off right, even if it can be a thankless and drudging job sometimes. However, as the saying goes, a job well done is its own reward, and it can be extremely satisfying to outplay the enemy support, whether it's in warding or play-making

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Play for Free | Neuigkeiten | Shop | Heropedia Neuigkeiten | Shop | Heropedia. Position 5 is pivotal for any team that wants to have a shot at the big leagues. Here's DireDota HQ's top 10 list for hard support heroes. - Page 2

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Pages in category Supports The following 45 pages are in this category, out of 45 total Another support Dota 2 hero that is good in lane pushing, healing, damage amplification and literally calling a hero back from the grave. With Shallow grave effect over a dying carry you can turn tides of the match with him having 5 more seconds of physical, magical invulnerability Loading hero data.. Filter . This page was last edited on 24 August 2019, at 11:07. Content is available under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 unless otherwise noted. Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors

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There are some other heroes who can also just about squeeze in as a hard support if they have to - Lina, Witch Doctor, Rubick, Vengeful Spirit, Nyx Assassin, Venomancer and Shadow Shaman amonst others. However, I think these heroes start to lose their effectiveness more than the ones at the top Dota 2 hat über 100 Helden. Und viele von ihnen können als Support gespielt werden, wie wir es schon oft in der Profiszene gesehen haben. Wir ziehen es vor, uns an die eher konventionellen Supports zu halten, welche die meiste Zeit funktionieren und ihrem Team die nötigen Fähigkeiten verleihen. Heute werfen wir einen Blick auf die Top 10 der Support-Helden in Dota 2 Welcome, Dota 2 player! Starting today, GOSU.AI [https://gosu.ai/dota/] would like to present a series called 'How to boost MMR'. We hope it will help you to become a better player; it's as simple as that. The series is mostly dedicated to the different roles in Dota 2. We have tried to avoid clichés, instead putting a premium on up-to-date strategies, itemisations and improving skills. Three heroes from the previous article made the list, since they can be used very effectively as both position 5 and position 4 supports. These heroes are Shadow Shaman, Nature's Prophet and Jakiro. Heroes who join them are Rubick, Vengeful Spirit, Disruptor, Crystal Maiden, Leshrac, Lion and Dark Willow The support role (split into the soft support/position 4 and hard support/position 5 subclasses) is the last of the roles in Dota 2, and has the lowest farm priority on the team. Supports are responsible for making sure their team's cores (those being the carry and the offlaner in most cases) have a comfortable laning phase, in order to get the farm and experience that they need

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Dota 2 Competitive Hero Tier List - 2020. We have compiled a Dota 2 Competitive Tier List so you can see which heroes are performing well in the current meta Join NOW! https://gameleap.com/ezmmr - Learn from the Pros and gain +1000 MMR. Check us out at a 25% discount! Connect on Discord https://discord.gg/YXNX..

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Hi and welcome to this Support Guide for Dota 2! Supports are these anonymous heroes that save our lives but don't get any credit. They're really special in MOBAS (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Games) because they usually heal or have a special ability that can save the day! In Dota 2, some supports like Ogre Magi can buff you, others like Lich can make you tankier and some of them. Dota 2 has been emerging with all its strength. From the time where one or two heroes were picked or banned in almost every game, Dota 2 has transitioned into something that is a lot more dynamic. New patches and teams trying out different things to make their mark in the professional scene have allowed the game to be more Meta independent In Dota 2, Wraith King is a very interesting hero for beginners. He has a good amount of health and reliable armor but in game fights, this character can deal significant damage. Like other Dota 2 carries, Wraith King becomes stronger with time, so make sure to gain as much experience on the Easy Lane as possible

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As a consequence, the team, and you as a support hero, will allow them to get these last hits - resulting in few last hits, and little income, for you. This isn't a problem - as a support hero you rely more on your spells and abilities than items. Limited Item Slots: Every hero in Dota 2 can carry six items. Consider that two of these will be. Steam Support Visit the support site for any issues you may be having with your account. Contact the Team To contact us directly about specific matters. ← Ältere Beiträge. Diese Zeit des Jahres. Oktober 29, 2020 - Dota Team . Splitter des Wütenden Mondes werfen wieder ihr schummriges Licht über das Land. Eine schlafende Bestie regt sich in ihrer Höhle, da ein gewaltiger Heißhunger die. DotA 2 is a multiplayer online battle arena video game. It Below is a list of the best support heroes, in my experience. Each hero offers certain strategies in these three areas: strength, agility, and intelligence. Lich. Can be played as: Support, Lane support, Roamer, Offlane; Skill floor: Low; Skill ceiling: Low; Lich is probably one of the easiest supports to play since he can handle a.

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Lately, Dota 2 has a lot going on with the Battle Pass, the coronavirus, and the uncertainty surrounding its biggest event The International. It has also been some time since the last patch which came back in early May. No matter the patch, though, today we're looking at some of the best support heroes for beginners. These heroes are also overall good picks in almost any bracket, making them. Always split the responsibilities and pick 1 core with 2 supports or 2 cores with 1 support. Which Hero Combos are recommended for me and my Friends? Always choose heroes that can decide something in the late game, at least one of you should be a core. You can play together as a trilane on the offlane, or act together on the safelane. In Dota 2 everything is possible, it depends on your goals.

In addition to what we've mentioned, Windranger is regarded as one of the most annoying heroes in Dota 2 in general. Needless to say, Diretide usually favors those types of heroes, which is why she works so well here Grab a buddy and try out one of these amazing hero combos for hours of screaming, crying and endless salt. 1) Keeper of the Light, Axe. This one is my long-time personal favorite hero combos. The reason why it's so much better than LC+KOTL? Simply because Axe can pick up a point in Counter Helix and Call and be ready to roll at level 2

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The huge DOTA 2 Patch 7.07 brings 2 new heroes and a number of balance changes and bug fixes A core hero is one with high farm priority. This includes carries, mid laners, offlaners, and most junglers. Conventionally, teams play with one core hero per lane, with two supports who either protect a safelane carry, roam and gank, stack and pull jungle camps, or form an aggressive trilane in the offlane Sign in to get personalized help for Dota 2. What problem are you having with this product? It doesn't work on my operating system I'm having trouble with items It's not in my library Log in for more personalized option Lord it over 'em: pit the best Dota 2 heroes against each other in Dota Underlords. Soft Support (Position 4) The soft support hangs out with the offlaner, in - you guessed it - the offlane. You're emailing Dota 2 Team. If you need customer service or technical support regarding Steam or Valve games, visit Steam Support at https://help.steampowered.com , where we can most efficiently direct your issue to the attention of the right team

mudgolems vs Team Secret live results, rosters, VODs and news coverage Dota 2 Supports: Position 4 and 5 Position 4 - The Roaming Support (Or Greedy Support, Flex Support, Farming Support) I've heard Roaming Support used for position 4 even when the hero's playstyle is actually not roaming, but you might see Greedy, Flex, or Farming too Dota 2; what's a good/easy support hero to use as a beginner? Topic Archived; Page 1 of 2; Last ; More topics from this board... MMR needa reset: F1areaGaman: 4: 9/27 6:38PM: What's the story and lore behind DOTA: turawn64: 4: 9/23 5:08AM: Valve cracks down on Dota 2 smurfs with MMR changes: SexPantherPanda: 480: 9/22 9:30PM : I thought the removal of Morphling two health bar was a nerf. WT.

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Despite the wide variation of their appearances, other Dota 2 heroes that belong in the Keenfolk race include: Alchemist, Clockwerk, Gyrocopter, Snapfire, Sniper, Techies, and Tinker The best support hero in the game is Earth Spirit because he is also the best hero in the game and makes 6.26 Chen look balanced. *7.10 UPDATE: Despite being massively nerfed from when this answer was first written, this hero is still one of the best for ladder climbing with specialists being able to achieve 56%+ win rates in 4k+ MMR solo ladder After previously teasing a pair of new Dota 2 heroes, Valve has given some more concrete information. In a short blog post, Valve game some details on the next hero to be added to the game as well.

mudgolems vs Virtus.pro live results, rosters, VODs and news coverage However, Dota 2 is a big game, so it can be extremely daunting. That's where this page comes in, as we give you a look at some easy heroes to try out first and the hardest ones to avoid. Top 5.

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Dota 2 patch 7.27b, which brought in the changes to all the heroes, was released on the 15 th of July, which is nearly three months ago. After the release, the meta has changesd, players have experimented with heroes quite a bit and we have reached a stready state of sorts. From the data for this settled meta, let's take a look at the five most successful mid heroes from the Divine and. Phoenix is Dota 2's top support hero Treant Protector enjoyed a long run as the most powerful support hero in Dota 2 thanks to being reworked in patch 7.23c

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  1. Dota 2 features over a hundred heroes, and not all of them are for beginners. Each hero has their abilities, specific game strategy, and require a certain amount of experience and practice. Not every beginner can understand all the skills of each hero. For example, this can be said about Invoker
  2. Dota 2 is more than seven years old and is still going strong. One of the biggest reasons for the success of Dota 2 is continuous support from developer Valve. Even today, Valve is releasing updates and patches for the game to make it more balanced and fun. The most recent Dota 2 patch was released yesterday. The November 2 Update didn't add any new content, but it did make tweaks to several.
  3. If you're new to Dota 2 and have encountered the heroes in this guide, we're here to clue you in on what to do against specific picks. No longer will you have to suffer under the hands of cheesy heroes or strategies! Slark. Slark's Dark Pact (Q) and Shadow Dance (R) are his best assets in low MMR Dota pub games. Dark Pact applies a strong dispel separated into 10 (!) instances throughout.
  4. Most fun Dota 2 heroes. Discussion. Hey guys. So, lately i was thinking about who are the heroes that make the most fun while playing them. Whether it be the nice actions you can do using their skills or maybe even their amazing voicelines. I personally think that Timbersaw and Clockwerk are really fun heroes but I guess they are not really metaviable rightnow. What are your thoughts and.
  5. Show your support for Dota Alchemy: https://www.patreon.com/DotaAlchemy Buy Dota Alchemy Merch: https://www.bonfire.com/store/dota-alchemy/ Dota Alchemy rank..
  6. All Dota 2 heroes are sorted by three core attributes: Support heroes example. Heroes of the fifth position are largely supports. Therefore, the main criterion in choosing the right support is a range of useful abilities. Strength supports: IO, Phoenix, Treant Protector, Undying. Agility supports: Naga Siren; Intelligence supports: Crystal Maiden, Shadow Shaman, Keeper of The Light.

Team Secret's position 4 support is the Jordanian super star, YapzOr. Teaming up with the DOTA 2 mastermind puppey, this support duo demands respect. Playing on his signature hero, Rubick, he is feared by many teams. At this International we will see many fantastic plays from him as he chases his first aegis. 2. Xu fy Linse With 119 heroes immediately available to play after installing the game, Dota 2's hero pool can be intimidating to a lot of players. We've broken down the complexity of the best Dota heroes to help you decide which Dota hero you should play based on your skill level

With the growing popularity of Dota 2, there are many players new to the game and genre. While many of Dota's features can be witnessed in-game, some of the more nebulous details that get tossed around as gospel by more seasoned players, such as the structure of the competitive metagame, can be hard for newcomers to pick up. Terms like a 1 player versus a 3 player or a roaming support versus. These are the best offlane heroes in DOTA 2. With the right practice, players can carry the game on their shoulders with just these heroes alone. Of course, it would be better to have a good support and tank to back up offlaners during late game. If they are able to farm early, it's almost an easy win Top 10 Mid Lane Heroes in Dota 2. Last Update on 2nd July 2019. Upcoming Heroes: Ember, Templar Assassin. The 2nd Position in the game is the Midlaner. Midlanders are supposed to be semi-carry. They need a lot of experience early game to snowball the enemy. The Midlanders job is to farm XP and gold effectively early game and deny the same for the enemy. so they can dominate the mid and late. Every day, millions of players worldwide enter battle as one of over a hundred Dota heroes. And no matter if it's their 10th hour of play or 1,000th, there's always something new to discover. With regular updates that ensure a constant evolution of gameplay, features, and heroes, Dota 2 has taken on a life of its own

The hero shader in Dota 2 is extremely powerful, capable of many high-end material properties. Every hero, item, courier, and creep makes use of the shader. Each texture works in conjunction with all the others. All shader settings for all of a hero's items will be derived from the base hero material. The game automatically creates a single model and texture out of the hero and its currently. Dota 2; Good support hero who heals? User Info: xVSaNx. xVSaNx 6 years ago #1. I'm basically looking for a hero like sona/soraka/nami from league. I know they copy a lot of dota heroes so maybe there's one similar to any of the three? I like healing, shielding even and cc. I'm trying to find one to practice with. I tried witch doctor today and liked him but his heal was lackluster as it. Close to 8k words later, we have a comprehensive and totally undisputable Dota 2 heroes tier list. I hope you people can appreciate the hard work and subtle genius that went into crafting this brilliant piece of content. If you can't, as many a Dota player would say: it's certainly not my fault Skywrath Mage: Skywrath Mage isnt exactly a good hero to pick up against strength heroes. But if you love using abilities in Dota 2, you will love Skywrath Mage. All his abilities has low cooldown and low manacost. So you can keep using abilities without farming or buying items. because a 350/575/800 mana ult is low mana cos

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  1. All in all, there are some very powerful heroes in Dota 2 in this patch which you can use to have an advantage against you opponents. It is useful to have chain reaction of wins in a row. It is.
  2. Enable console in Dota 2. In game, go to Settings > Options > To Advanced Options > Enable Console Start practice with bots in Solo Mode During the picking phase, open the console by pressing the backslash key (\) and enter the command: dota_bot_force_pick npc_dota_hero_ You must type in the heroes' gamefile name (see below) after the npc_dota_hero_
  3. Category:Dota 2 hero - Dota Wiki - Dota Allstars and Dota 2 info! Games Movies TV Video. Wikis. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? Register Start a Wiki. Dota Wiki. 517 Pages. Add new page. Artifact. Cards by type. Accessories; Armor; Consumables; Creeps; Heroes; Spells; Weapons; Cards by color. Black; Blue.
  4. It seems like a long time since Dota 2 patch 7.26 was released (the first part, at least) and a recent revelation from IceFrog now tells us that we have about two weeks before it is replaced by Dota 2 patch 7.27. Patch 7.26 had a weird transition from patch 7.25, as in it did halt the death ball meta by making the game slower, but a lot of players also mentioned that i
  5. DOTA 2 WORKSHOP MODEL TYPES. This page is applies to all Dota workshop model types. You can find additional item-specific model requirements on these pages: Hero Wearables; Ability Models; Couriers; Sentry/Observer Wards . BUDGETS. Due to unique design of every hero, each one has different geometry and texture budgets for his or her items
  6. Category:Dota hero - Dota Wiki - Dota Allstars and Dota 2 info! Games Movies TV Video. Wikis. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? Register Start a Wiki. Dota Wiki. 516 Pages. Add new page. Artifact. Cards by type. Accessories; Armor; Consumables; Creeps; Heroes; Spells; Weapons; Cards by color. Black; Blue; Green.
  7. Zweiergruppen erhalten jeweils 2 Partien, Dreiergruppen jeweils 1 Partie. Es können bis zu 60 Partien für die Schnellsuche verdient und gespeichert werden. Beispiel: Wenn in einer Zweiergruppe ein Spieler die 3 Core-Rollen und der andere die beiden Support-Rollen auswählt, werden beide kostenlos in die Schnellsuche eingereiht und beide erhalten jeweils 2 zusätzliche Partien für die.

No Dota 2 key requests, sell, trade etc. You may not create multiple accounts for any purpose, including ban evasion, unless expressly permitted by a moderator. Please search before posting. One thread per issue. Do not create another thread if there is an existing one already. Before posting anything, make sure you check out all sticky threads (e.g., this). Do not create new threads about. Dota 2 1v1 - Support heroes - Friday. Overview; Bracket; Teams; Rules; 1v1 Draft mode rules. Assigned to each game is a set of five random heroes from which both players gets to ban a hero each. The remaining three heroes are the only heroes allowed in the game and picking any other hero in the Dota 2 picking phase will result in a default loss. Same hero pick is possible. (The hero portrait. 17/jul/2019 - Top 10 Support Heroes Dota 2 : This is a list of the best support heroes in dota2 right Now.. The support role is the important role in dota2 Dota 2, is a multiplayer online battle arena support, mid, jungle, and offlaner. For instance, support heroes are in charge of protecting their teammates, beefing them up with buffs or healing.

  1. While his popularity since then has gone up and down, Chen was a meta-shaping support pick during the first three years of Dota 2
  2. Dotabuff to wiodąca strona ze statystykami i społecznością dla Dota 2. And so here it is, possibly close but the list looks legit considering that they could be the best support heroes in Competitve Dota 2 scene
  3. g oracle, if you have no clue how the spells works

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Die Heldinnen und Helden (Original: Heroes) sind die primär spielbaren Einheiten aus DotA und Dota 2. In einer Partie übernimmt jeder Spieler die Kontrolle über einen der 112 spielbaren Heldinnen und Helden. Bei jedem Helden und jeder Heldin handelt es sich um einen Charakter mit unterschiedlichen Attributen, Fähigkeiten und Rollen The sequel to the first Dota game, Dota 2, also shared in the first game's success or possibly even bigger. In fact, it became one of the most played games on Steam, garnering over a million players. In addition to thousands of players playing the game, thousands are also investing in accessorizing their players with new skins, costumes, weapons, and even Dota 2 Rank Boosting. All in the.

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Dota 2 has a vast number of heroes to choose from, and we're adding more all the time. Player-written guides are a great way to learn more about these heroes, but that's a lot of information to keep in your head in the heat of battle. That's why we're introducing Hero Builds: integrated guides that allow you to see which items to buy and which abilities to level (and when), all within. With that being said, here are the 3 life-saving support heroes of Dota 2. Oracle. Oracle is a versatile hero. He has different skills that can heal, damage, stun, disarm, and delay incoming damage for an ally. With his ultimate ability, False Promise, he can delay any healing or damage taken for a few seconds, and he can also double healing received after its duration. This opens up an.

Dota 2 stands as one of the most flexible MOBAs in the market when it comes to hero and player roles. Unlike competing titles such as League of Legends, where positions are set in stone and even play a part in determining online matchmaking, Dota 2 doesn't have any mechanics that necessarily pigeonhole certain picks into specific roles As most readers of this article are probably still on their journey to discover Dota 2 fully, I don't recommend picking supports without understanding the game. However, Crystal Maiden is a great hero to start with, especially in the 7.07 patch. After receiving several significant buffs from previous patches, it's time to start running around the map with your Freezing Field Pages in category Dota 2 Support Heroes The following 33 pages are in this category, out of 33 total. D. Dota 2: Aiushtha the Enchantress; Dota 2: Atropos the Bane Elemental; Dota 2: Chen the Holy Knight; Dota 2: Dazzle the Shadow Priest; Dota 2: Demnok Lannik the Warlock; Dota 2: Disruptor the Stormcaller ; Dota 2: Dragonus the Skywrath Mage; Dota 2: Eredar the Shadow Demon; Dota 2. And so here it is, possibly close but the list looks legit considering that they could be the best support heroes in Competitve Dota 2 scene. Quick thoughts Dota 2 Create or find the best new items Create and submit new items (such as armor, weapons, clothing, Couriers, and more) for consideration to be incorporated into the actual game. Or help identify the best by rating up your favorites. Learn Mor

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Buy Dota 2 Boosting, Calibration TBD Games, Smurf Accounts or Battle Cup Wins. Our Support is 24/7 online if you need any information or help Open source Dota 2 match data and player statistic 1v1 mid Dota 2 tournament - 3 Heroes only, free entry with cash prizes. Join exciting Dota 2 tournaments on a daily basis - Win money playing Dota 2

Dota 2 is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game developed and published by Valve.The game is a sequel to Defense of the Ancients (DotA), which was a community-created mod for Blizzard Entertainment's Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and its expansion pack, The Frozen Throne. Dota 2 is played in matches between two teams of five players, with each team occupying and defending their. Dota Plus members can now use the new Role Assistant hero grid arrangement. As the Dota community finds new and different ways for heroes to be played, the new Role Assistant automatically records the picks of every hero in Ranked Roles matchmaking and displays heroes in their most picked roles. This data is updated automatically to highlight the latest trends and is filterable by MMR rank hero_item_changed note. Currently this event is NOT supported. Event Data: slot - The index of the item slot (0 - 5, top row from the left to bottom row from the right); location - hero/stash; name - The name of the item.; passive - True if the item is passive.; can_cast - True unless there's not enough mana to use the item, the player is muted, or when the item is on cooldown If that's the case, you need to know which the best Dota 2 heroes for beginners are, and you'll find them listed below. Rich . Undoubtedly, one of the most popular heroes, even for beginners, is Lich. Lich has the form of a skeleton who uses frost in order to attack enemies and support his teammates. He is a ranged intelligence hero, and he's usually played as support. It's quite fun.

Phantom Assassin - Manifold Paradox | Dota 2 ModsReaper: Skins - Liquipedia Overwatch WikiSubstantial Widowmaker and Zarya changes are coming to the

Kekurangan dari hero ini berpusat kepada perannya sebagai support. Bila kamu menggunakan hero dota 2 serupa, pastikan memaksimalkan warding dibandingkan item core. BACA JUGA: ITEM DOTA 2 TERMAHAL DAN FUNGSINYA DALAM PERMAINAN. 7. Axe. Item: Blade Mail; Blink Dagger; Heart of Tarrasque; Hero tank juga tidak luput dari perhatian, mengingat semua peran sangat bergantung di satu kemenangan Dota 2. dota 2 cs:go team fortress 2 portal half life left 4 dead. shop by categories sale pre-order home + office vinyls + collectibles accessories womens mens. connect . partners china: game zone china: perfect world ent hong kong: beijing happy ever usa: esl shop usa: toynk.com usa: vinceron.com europe: esl shop uk: the hub uk australia: esl shop denmark: cs shop ukraine: funduk. blogs dota2.com. Diretide 2020 Dota 2: Mejores héroes para ganar el evento de Halloween Dota 2 acaba de recibir su evento de halloween llamado Diretide 2020 que trae un modo de juego frenético y divertido Dari sekian banyak HERO yang ada di DOTA 2, hero-hero tersebut dapat kita bagi menjadi 3 jenis HERO. Ketiga jenis hero tersebut adalah carry, support dan tank. Kita harus mengenal ciri-ciri dan apa yang harus kita lakukan apabila kita memainkan ketiga jenis hero tersebut. Untuk hero jenis carry biasanya adalah HERO bertipe agility. Hero tipe carry adalah hero yang sangat heba

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